Adaptive Designs Inc.


About us

Adaptive Designs draws on fifteen years of manufacturing and logistics experience to solve the problems necesssary to bring unique and fun products to market. If we are offering it in one of our on-line shops, it has been researched, improved upon, tested and retested until we are satisfied the product meets our tough quality requirements. We know that we want products that last, so we assume you do too!

Creativity often consists of merely tuning up what is already there.
— Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

Product Development Projects

We work directly with our  manufacturing partner to create products. We have been working with the same manufacturer for 15 years with our B2B company, Refurb Supplies. Our in-house R&D and Quality Control teams ensure that everything we ship to our customers is of the best quality for the price. Joe is always on the look out for new products so keep your eye on us in the future.

Contact us if you have any ideas for a product you would like to bring to market. We can help with the manufacturing and logistics.

One of our newest ideas.

One of our newest ideas.