Our Virtual Reality Community

Virtual reality is an emerging technology. We believe it is our responsibility to reach out to our community and expose people to the wonders of virtual reality. From this initial exposure, they can let their imagination and creativity drive them to participate in Meet-up groups, learn how to shoot videos in 360, experiment with headsets and VR apps, or share what they learned with others. Each touch we make can have a lasting impact on the people of our community and this new industry.

            Intro to VR Training

           Intro to VR Training

Intro to VR Classes

What is virtual reality?

This emerging technology immerses the user in a world created and curated by computer graphics designers, 360 degree videographers and app developers. Put on a headset and be transported to another place, another time.

Virtual reality headsets can be tethered to high capacity computers for  full immersion or you can use your smartphone and a mobile headset for 360 degree interaction.

     Virtual Reality World Meet Up

    Virtual Reality World Meet Up

Virtual Reality World Meetup

How can I get involved and learn more?

Do you want to get involved with other virtual reality enthusiasts in your area? Look for a Meet Up group near you. There are a lots of virtual reality meetups to become involved in. Many of them are looking for members and have weekly gatherings with programs that include demonstrations and  guest speakers. If you can't find one to attend...start your own group! 

Virtual Reality is fun and we love being in this industry!