Old School Meets New School

Since I was born in the 1950’s, I am not very computer literate…yes, I use one every day at work as do most people. What I mean is that computers were not part of my daily routine until WELL after graduating high school.  I do not give much thought to how it all works, I just take it for granted that the software I need will do the tasks required for me to accomplish my goals.

This past weekend my husband and I, as owners of Adaptive Designs, Inc., had the pleasure to co-sponsor a hackathon at Bowdoin, a local college, along with L.L. Bean, Raizlabs. This is the second year that Bowdoin has hosted the CBBhacks. I watched as groups of students arrived with laptops, sleeping bags and other provisions needed to spend 36 hours creating and solving problems using code as a medium.

Presenting the Colby bus schedule app.jpg

Most teams tackled a problem that impacted them.

  •   One group, from Colby, created an app that used texting to deliver bus route schedules from each stop on the university run bus routes.
  • Another created a smartphone app that would replace antiquated equipment used by rowing teams.
  •  A PC based measurement tool was created to diagnose heart disease with 89% accuracy.
  •  A team from Bowdoin created an augmented reality app similar to Pokemon Go to help new students learn about the people and places on campus.
  • One team thought that streamlining the campus pub menu ordering and pick up work flow into an app for use by students and employees could save time waiting in line to pay for and pick up called in orders
  •  Virtual Reality was represented as one group used the HTC Vive and Web VR to create an interactive VR Game.

It was fun to see the students present their projects to the judge’s panel. I saw energetic, excited, and passionate young people using their minds, hack resources, and friendships to create something new.

 Virtual Reality Team

Virtual Reality Team