Along for The Ride

By Lisa Elichaa, The VR Virgin

So, have you looked into virtual reality, maybe tried a tethered HMD like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, or maybe got a free Google Cardboard viewer and downloaded some apps?  Are you wondering if you should give this new technology a pass? After all, it must be a fad, like cellphones.

Remember the old “Bag phone” of the 1980’s… (don’t you laugh when you see one in an old movie?) That was the leading edge in technology for mobile phones for that time. Why were they so big and clunky? Think about many cell phone towers were in existence then?

Why are we not using bag phones today? Because some people never stop improving on new technologies. They feed off the excitement of making things smaller, better, faster and more accessible.

Cell phones look and perform differently than they did in 1999.  A phone is not just a phone anymore, they have transformed from just a phone into a mini computer that happens to have a phone.

So, I expect that the same is true in the virtual reality space today…we are in the “bag phone stage”. The equipment can be big and clunky, the content delivery is sometimes unsatisfying. Both the computer tethered and the mobile headsets will evolve and transform as people keep coming up with new solutions.  They will get smaller, better, faster.

Are you along for the ride or waiting to see what happens?

Did you wait for the iPhone 7 or the Samsung S7 to come to market before you ever used a mobile phone? Of course not! Many of us have had mobile phones since the first Nokia unplugged model came to market. Can’t you still recognize that signature ringtone when you hear it?

 I advise you to get into the virtual reality movement now, don’t wait for it to be finished and perfect. We know from experience that it will never be finished…but in a constant state of perfection. Ride the train through all the stops along the way, this way you can appreciate what it took to get it there and have some fun along the way