Virtual Reality and film -- not you parents’ movies!

By Pam Loft

Have you given any thought to how dramatically virtual reality will change the process by which films are put together? The story will still be told but the participant will not be sitting outside, just viewing the action, but will be fully present in the story; able to determine how long to stay at any point in the story; which position to view it from; which direction to take the story; and how long to remain in the story.  The participant will no longer be arbitrarily confined to the standard movie time frame.

To offer the full reality immersion, photography standards will have to step up seriously as very high-resolution and 3D, amongst other elements, are needed to enable the brain to accept the full immersion into the environment that is projected.

 360 Fly Camera....make your own videos and films.

360 Fly Camera....make your own videos and films.


How the VR filming will affect the actors and the characters is still unknown, as is the interaction of the participant with the actor/character and the story line. Imagine the camera moving at the behest of the viewer not just the filmmaker. So much in the development of VR projects is going to be new technology and although there will be failures, there will be successes and many yet unimaginable developments. It is a creative frontier, a wonderland for photographers, cinematographers, and other digital imaging technologists.

For those of us who prefer to be armchair travelers, in the not so distant future, virtual reality will be able to provide us with adventures into the wilds of Africa, a trip down the Colorado River, or a view from the top of Everest; as well as allow us to experience living inside history, mythology or literature. There is much yet to come and much to anticipate in this rapidly developing area of entertainment and experience.

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