I’m a VR VIRGIN by Lisa Elichaa

I’m Old School, I grew up with Pong and Atari. I had not heard much about Virtual reality until last week.

Last week I put on my first pair of Virtual Reality goggles and was amazed, intrigued and found myself wanting more. I had a 360 degree view of what was going on in a music video! I was riding in a limo with my head out the sunroof and could turn and see the city unfold around me. How cool is that?!

Lots of new questions started popping up in my mind, usually when I should have been doing something else, like working. What is Virtual Reality, where is it going, who is involved and how can I enjoy it? I went to the internet to find out more and boy is it confusing! I found more new words like augmented reality and immersion that I now have to understand.

I want to learn more about Oculus Rift, (which I thought that was a Transformer character) and Google has Cardboard goggles??? And gave away the plans to anyone who wants to make their own?

I have discovered that the VR goggle world can be compared to the car industry. Features and craftsmanship define the popularity, the price level and the desirability of the product.  Models like Oculus Rift and Sony’ Project Morpheus are the luxury models...the Lamborghinis and Ferrari and the Google Cardboard is the low end, like the Ford Tempo or Chevy Aveo.

 With cars you decide which options like air conditioning, GPS systems, Sirius radio, engine size, gas mileage performance that you must have and what you can live without depending on what you can spend. It seem the same with the range of VR Goggles in the market. Look for options like adjustable head straps, large optical lenses, adjustable object distance and focal length so you can view without wearing glasses, universal or adjustable phone trays that can fit only one or several sizes of smart phones and besides options, how do they look are they aesthetically pleasing, light weight and durable.

As with buying a car, knowing what your budget is first will help you decide where you are entering the market and now it is just a matter of who has what features in that range you can’t live without.

Google Cardboard is the basic, no frills VR viewer. You build it yourself, put in the lens and use a rubber band to hold you smartphone in the viewing window. You hold it to your face with your hands. Simple. Oculus Rift is the top of the line total package with all the frills and software interface built in…you don’t need to use your smart phone with your apps downloaded from the app store. 

I started looking at the Goggles on Amazon. Why not, all models seem to be represented with good descriptions of their features and you can sort by price.