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Adaptive Designs, Inc
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Who is Adaptive Designs, Inc

For over twelve years we have been in the B2B sales and distribution business. By focusing on creating new and innovative products that solve our customers' problems, we have become a leader in our field.

In 2008, we thought why limit our creativity to products that benefit so few? Let's break into the consumer market and create unique, fun and useful products for all to enjoy. Thus, Adaptive Designs, Inc (ADI), a small B2C company with big ideas was born.

At the time, it was decided ADI's first product would be a novelty hour glass. Just as ADI was getting up and running the economy took a downturn. This proved to be a difficult environment in which to successfully launch a new product and development was put on hold indefinitely. As is often said, "Everything happens for a reason!" Well, how could the economy going down the tubes be the greatest thing that could have ever happened to ADI? Continue reading and you will see why this statement holds true.

In early 2011, ADI founder Joseph Elichaa, decided to attend CES 2012 (Consumer Electronics Show) to gather product ideas/inspiration. What he didn't know at the time was he would be faced with multiple personal challenges that would land him in California in December 2011. Because of his close proximity to San Francisco he decided on a whim to also attend Macworld 2012. Folks this is where all the stars align and everything falls into place. (Insert heavenly music here...AAAAHHHH...) Joe decides ADI will focus on making Apple compatible products.

Later that year, Apple released the New iPad . We knew that if we were going to be in this market, we needed to understand and use Apple products. We also decided that everyone in the company should have an iPad, or access to one, to aid in our product understanding. We then tried to find the perfect case and/or stand. After buying many different styles of cases that are available in the marketplace, we did not find a single case that would meet all of our needs so we decided we would design one that does.

In February 2012, we had a companywide design contest and played around with a few ideas. The design contest produced several unique designs. Our case is slim, lightweight and fun! We have named it “The Flipside”.


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